Sumayyah is Diversity & Inclusion strategist that is committed impacting organizational culture by directly addressing behaviors that perpetuate inequity.  She believes that focused effort increases opportunity for underrepresented groups, increased innovation and team performance. Ultimately, inclusion is a consistent effort that should always be in the forefront of organizational development. 


Sumayyah Emeh-Edu is a Diversity and Inclusion Strategist residing in the San Francisco Bay area. She has over 15 years professional experience leading various initiatives within higher education and corporate sectors, focused primarily on diversity and professional development.  In that time, she has successfully organized Tech Inclusion and The Better Man Conference, as well as managed engagement programs with clients such as Kaiser Permanente, PG&E, Asana and Oracle.

Hailing from organizations such as Change Catalyst, Keller Center for Corporate Learning and Laureate Education, Sumayyah understands systemic inequities throughout the education-workforce pipeline.  This insight was an impetus to commit her career to challenge the status quo for inclusion.

Sumayyah founded The Ally Movement in November 2016 to provide a tools for those with privilege to take action.  She is also a Board Member for Techtonica, an apprenticeship program for women to gain programming skills.  Professional affiliations include the following:  ATD Golden Gate Chapter, National Diversity Council, and Women’s Global Leadership Initiative.