6 Ways Recruiters can Engage Managers in Diversity & Inclusion

Webinar Recording

Recruiters are often the first ones tasked with addressing representation challenges within an organization by sourcing a more diverse recruiting funnel. However, hiring managers are the ones who have the final say on the makeup and composition of their teams. Recruiters have to be prepared to engage with managers, create a collaborative atmosphere, and win over the hearts and mind of hiring decision makers. 

In this webinar, recruiters will gain perspectives on how to:

1. Work within the power dynamics between recruiters and hiring managers. 
2. Focus on the business and moral case of D&I. 
3. Share personal stories. 
4. Ask probing questions to uncover biases and preferences. 
5. Focus on competencies versus pedigree. 
6. Building support to engage with managers. 

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Sumayyah Emeh-Edu
Real Stories of Workplace Allyship



Panel at "Allyship Forum" by Breaking Glass Productions.  Sumayyah Emeh-Edu along with panelists discuss triumph and challenges particularly for women of color.  White male allies share their awakening and perspectives on how they support.

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Sumayyah Emeh-Edu