Professional Services



Training is offered on a variety of standard and customized offerings.   The focus is on experiential learning and iterative engagement for maximum synthesis and application.  Workshops are usually one-three hours, packages can include: 

  • Surveys
  • Pre-Work
  • Assignments
  • Post Roundtables

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From the beginning of her career, Sumayyah has had a gift for inspiring others.  Given her vast business experiences spanning various corporate industries, K12, and Higher Education, her ability to engage and connect with others is palpable.  Speaking expertise includes:

  • Inspiration & Resiliencey
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Leadership Developement
  • Career Development



Able to provide strategic guidance to organizations along the continuum whether just starting D&I initiatives or looking to expand efforts.  Expertise include: 

  • Strategic Planning & Goal Development
  • Culture Surveys & Data Analytics
  • Inclusionary Hiring
  • Retention & Succession Planning
  • Inclusive Outreach & Social Responsibility
  • Diversity Council & Employee Resource Groups


special projects

With 15 years business experience in Program Management, Business Development, and Talent Development, Sumayyah is able to assist with a variety of projects.  Expertise ranges from continuous improvement, organizational structure and implementing initiatives.  She is available for short-term projects.